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7 votes

Would Drones.SE benefit from enabling MathJax?

So long as there is no disadvantage to doing so, I say that Yes, it should be enabled. While Daniil states "We will have very few answers with that math technical detail", I think that this is the ...
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6 votes

Would Drones.SE benefit from enabling MathJax?

There are a couple of answers where I would actually be able to benefit from that - it's going to be abnormal to really need/benefit from it, but where it is useful, those are going to be high quality ...
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5 votes

Let's get MathJax enabled on this site!

I went through questions on Drones and Model Aircraft and realised that there are a lot of posts that contain formulas either as an image or code. I think you are correct, the site will benefit of ...
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4 votes

Can drones.SE have a dark mode?

The bad news: Dark Mode will be Stack Overflow only for at least a while: At this point, the focus of Dark Mode is on Stack Overflow and we’ll eventually bring it to MSO. While the retheming we did ...
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2 votes

Would Drones.SE benefit from enabling MathJax?

We got it on Materials Modeling since Day 1 of Private Beta. I don't see any disadvantage to it.
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