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Having a Drones.SE Hot Network Question feed in chat

Recently, we have had a few questions that have got some heat: Report a lost drone in the UK? Spray painting a drone, what to look out for? What is a good alternative to carbon fibre for a quadcopter ...
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Do we want feeds in the chatroom? If so, which and what should we call them?

Most sites set up feeds into their chatroom for questions on their main and meta site. There are two options: Have a feeds user post these into the room itself, as oneboxed posts (like here), or as ...
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9 votes
4 answers

What should the name of our main chatroom be?

Every Stack Exchange site (Not all) main chatroom has a unique name that is related to the main site itself. for Example: Super User: Root Acess Gaming: The Bridge IoT: Chat of Things Unix & ...
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