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Blacklist the [drone] tag?

The drone tag was recently burninated: Burninate the [drone] and [small-drones] tags The reason for burnination was: These tags are incredibly broad I heavily agree with this. This tag recently ...
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Burninate the [drone] and [small-drones] tags

Inspired from: What should we do about the [small-drones] tag? In my opinion, we don't need these tags, the reasons why they are being used now: The question is very low quality This is the first ...
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5 votes
3 answers

What should we do about the [small-drones] tag?

As it is right now, the small-drones tag has some really serious problems, which we need to solve before public beta. The overarching problem is that it doesn't really represent anything. In the ...
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Re-name [fpvcamera] tag to use spacing

Can the tag fpvcamera be renamed to fpv-camera to use proper spacing, when trying to edit it myself I get this message: Can a moderator please re-name it?
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7 votes
3 answers

Tag synonym proposals

Since at this moment very few users have the sufficient reputations to even propose tag synonyms, and duplicate tags are already starting to be a problem, this is going to be a place for any member to ...
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Rename [legal] to [regulations]

Related to Are legal questions on topic? We now have [legal] but I've found from prior experience that people take that tag to mean that all legal questions are on-topic (which nobody has argued for)....
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6 votes
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Re-name tag to use proper spacing

I am trying to rename outofcontrol to out-of-control to use proper spacing by changing it on the only post it is used on but I get this error: Can a mod (Catija) rename it please?
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11 votes
4 answers

Tags - abbreviations or spelling it out?

It looks like there's a lot of shorthand y'all use to talk about things and these are starting to appear in your tags: bldc lipo faa tbs Are these the best way to phrase things for a useful tag? For ...
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Do we need a [drone] tag?

I don't think we need a drone tag, because this is a site about drones, so it's kind of unneccessary in my opinion. For model-agnostic questions, I'd suggest to have a tag called model-agnostic ...
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